Random Ramblings: Parting The Veil

Momentary Soapbox…

I realize that I may not sound like the most intelligent person on the internet. Maybe I cuss too much, I don’t have much etiquette, and I’m definitely NOT politically correct. Some people do respect my opinion, I have found out. I am very thankful of the new generation of Demonolators out there now. While I speak of my past to them, they don’t care! I haven’t really been judged by this new generation, and it’s nice! I don’t care if the Trad/Gem Dems don’t like me. Sorry, they don’t have to like me. I’m not a kiss up. The past is the past. Let’s all just move on, shall we?

To, Parting The Veil…

The parting of the veil is taking place early here. The emanation from the Oregon Vortex seems strong this time around. Now I know what energies are affecting me, I am so much more comfortable! I didn’t realize that I am only a couple hours away from it. YES, energy can go that far. Especially if you are psychically hypersensitive like me. I can feel the Dead near me, my ancestors are quite present. I lit them a tobacco candle on their altar. During this veil thinning, I feel more vulnerable emotionally, and overwhelmed psychically – even loud people talking makes me want to run away and shut off. I see people’s muertos a lot and I don’t want to see them all the time. I hear people’s thoughts. That’s not being crazy. Because often, I will hear a thought and see a person do exactly what they were thinking. LOL. Maybe I am crazy, eh?

This year, the Rite to Eury, Ba’alberith and Babeal is going to be VERY special. My coven member and good friend is coming to Eugene and I am performing his Priesthood ritual. I’ve mentioned this already. But as the time gets closer, I’m more excited! Eury will be quite prominent because he is a mentor Demon to the newly appointed HP. It will be a crazy energy ritual. Adding his patron with the Death Demons, this ritual is going to be very well attended.

This will probably be the most powerful time for my group, because we are funerary. I really HAVE TO jam that down people’s throats. Now, my group is VERY selective about people that we meet. People that do not understand the funerary aspect or who don’t want to have a part in Death rituals, Death Demons, funerals, mourners or even having a working boveda (ancestor altar), etc, should NOT even write to me for any possible membership. In actuality, Order of Lucifthan, or OOL, is NOT looking for any members at all at this time. We got tired of the crap. We are a happy group the size we are, everything works well and smoothly and we don’t want to complicate things.

Off of THAT Soapbox…

I hope everyone has a fun time this Samhain. Get out your Ouija boards and other scrying, future telling devices, eat some pumpkin pie, take your kids trick or treating, watch horror movies, and spook your family members. This is a fun time too, not completely solemn. 🙂



Oh no, not again & Other Things

Not again! People are looking for Zarabanda’s “sigil.” It is similar to a sigil, yes. But it is called a firma, and there are MANY of them for Zarabanda! It all depends on his attributes that you are calling upon. Though there are a few ingredients that would do very nicely. Sorry, no more Palo talk.

Other things: Doing well with my client work. The energies were strong with Santa Muerte. To be honest, I hadn’t felt her that strongly until recently. There had been little things I was always was aware of. Her protection. Her soft but fierce spirit. Since I’m working with her white form, the energy is different though. Milder, more patient.

Been cracking he whip with Lucifuge. He’s helping me with some obstacles I need to help break for another client,

It’s been a long and arduous couple of weeks but I’m glad everything is going well. I have the High Priest induction ritual coming up soon. So excited!!! Studying up on the ritual. I can’t memorize it but I’m trying to get things in order.

Random Ramblings: Opening Anew

I think there is going to be a personal ritual that I do either November 1st or 2nd regarding my opening with Ba’alberith. I wish I could explain more. My boveda is still going to remain dedicated to him and the Death Demons until November 2nd, possibly longer. We have important work to do together still. He has made me realize some harsh truths recently. Things about getting older, scoff if you may…I am 38 years old, but there are things that change drastically the closer you get to 40. Trust me on this one. Because my group is FUNERARY focused (I can’t seem to get this across to some people) there is a lot of work with the Dead, the Death Demons, and even Santa Muerte if she fits into your practice. No one else in my group reveres her but me. I come from a lot of experience with this. I worked with Santa Muerte for many years. Mostly prayers, devotionals. Now I feel I can involve her with magic.

And be comfortable doing it! There was quite a distance between her and I for quite a few years. Now I feel the connection again and it’s very positive. Though my main concerns are the Demons and sometimes the m’pungo.

Not long ago, I worked for a gal who was just getting into real estate and hadn’t sold a house at all. She wrote me the other day and said she just closed her first deal! It’s so exciting to hear good news from clients! She said she’ll be coming back to me for more work for sure. And she was in a spot that was devastated by hurricane Irma. Still closed the deal!

I have two jobs on my plate at the moment. Busy bee. I don’t like taking on more than two at once. I like to be able to concentrate well on the results.

I don’t know what Ba’alberith has planned for me in the future. I should go meditate upon him and ask some questions, of course, I also have Beelzebuth on my mind a lot too recently. The Death Demons all around, Santa Muerte. It’s a regular zoo. LOL.

Random Ramblings: …I didn’t even have to do a ritual…

Wow, I’m pretty fucking amazed! Forgive my language, but it’s the best word to describe what is going on.

I was planning on doing a big job rite on this here full moon! But I didn’t even need to! Jobs just came crashing into my lap! I must have projected out pretty far for this to have happened. This just proves that the MIND is probably the second origin of magical power. The first one being raw energy that you have been born with or developed over time. IMO, anyway. Think it and it will happen! I’m not really shocked, just amazed at how fast things have went. And the strange meaningful coincidence that happened.

I bought a candle that I didn’t think I would need on Tuesday. I bought it as a precaution, just in case any case flew my way. Lo and behold, it DID. It’s a real doozy too. But it’s work that I’m really good at, so there should not be any issues. So I’ll be using that candle in the ceremony, although I will be using mostly white. La Blanca calls me to duty!

Powerful thoughts = manifestation. But not always…

It’s October!

Ah, yes. October has arrived and the veil is now pretty thin! It started thinning after the Equinox. So exciting. I love this time of year. Here in my state, it is the time of getting cold, then getting rainy. I do so love the rain, but I like it when the sun peeks through and it is cold and brisk and the leaves are falling. Just 30 days until Samhain! And I meet my High Priest and formally induct him. It’s awesome. Though I need to study the ritual. It’s time to start. I’m going to try to remember the ritual, but I usually have to read some of it. Since I had to stop neurofeedback, my memory kind of went down the shitter again.

What I haven’t mentioned to my HP yet is that the ritual will also be the Rite to Eury, Ba’alberith, and Babeal, just as it is normally on Samhain. Eury will be VERY present, because the HP happens to be a Funerary Priest and Eury is a mentor. I am a Funerary Priestess, I’m close to Eury and Ba’alberith. Once our energies mesh, there will be no doubt. This ritual will be heavily attended. Lucifuge will be there too. A hell of a ritual!

If he sees this it’s okay. 🙂 I don’t mind. I’m going to have fun and make this a very meaningful ritual. Hopefully for him as well.

I might just have enough space in my bedroom after all. I was afraid there wasn’t enough room, but I think there is. I have the incense prepared. I must prepare the initiation oil. Mix a few things up. Having fun with this!


I’ve been going back and forth on a something for quite a long time now. It’s about writing a book. It seems pointless though. Why? Because there already is another book out there on the same basic topic. And years ago, I did publish a book on the same topic, but it is not exactly what I want to write about now, it’s a little different, more experienced and in depth. Except I’m not the fuck into alchemy. Would I be using the old manuscript like I did with my divination book? Nope. I just feel that if I did publish this book (it’s only in brainstorming right now) it would just be a repeat of what the other author has done, and that hardly anyone listens to me anyway. My royalties show me this already, which is incredibly depressing. People would want to copy the book into a PDF form and transfer it all over the fucking internet. Well, folks, you’d have to copy it by scanning it. I will NEVER release anymore ePub or other electronic formats EVER again. Why? You may ask.

E-piracy! Plus fucking sacredmagick,com stole my fucking books WITHOUT permission and lets their subscribers read MY books WITHOUT my consent or even my knowledge! SO PISSED at them! Tried to write them about it and got no response. MULTIPLE times.

Just wanted to get my goddamn thoughts out there for other people to read. Not the same old same old. I would think other people would want another opinion? Yay or nay?

Of course…I’m JUST a “kitchen witch” right? That’s what everyone used to say. I noticed the youngsters are actually listening to ME recently. Which is NICE finally. I DO have some good advice?!

Fuck it all. I just will stifle my creativity and not write any Demonolatry books. Why not be a negative Nancy? NO ONE TELLS ME SHIT. NO ONE BUYS MY SHIT.

Told you all I don’t care about money! I just want READERS! OPINIONS! FEEDBACK! SOMETHING!!!!!!



Really Random Rambling: Demonic Necromancy/Necrosophy

Personal Experiences As Of Late

I’ve been digging around, reading. Also, since the First Rite to Leviathan, I’ve been working with Ba’alberith for certain reasons. I cannot share the true reasons with the public, but it has been an interesting ride, nonetheless. It has been necromantic in origin. I set up my boveda as a Ba’alberith altar for the time being. My ancestors did not object. I’m not too sure if they like some of the black items on it, but it’s that time of year and I’ve heard no complaints so far. LOL. My mom would be yelling at me from beyond the grave. Anything she would want on there would have to be pink. And my grandma, it would have to be red.

Anyway… to the serious shit. I’ve done a transformation rite, a secret one. It’s pretty slow in process though. I don’t expect to change that fast, but there are manifestations of change happening right now that are extremely positive in nature, and I believe that has to do with Ba’alberith and my ritual with the Death Demons. I’ve been doing a lot of divination, which is a strong point for me. Especially the Demonic sigil cards, which aren’t hard to master, but can really be accurate – they also bring out the medium and clairvoyant in me. I’ve also been using the Lenormand Oracle, which I find fascinating, but difficult to learn because I need a decent book to study the meanings of the cards. It’s not hard, but I still have a bad memory. Being oxygen deprived with a very high fever will do that to you. But, this oracle deck is fascinating on how it is very readable and much more approachable than tarot to me. I am getting into tarot too, again, but it is challenging for me. I believe that Beelzebuth has helped me a great deal recently with divination. This is off track, sorry readers. I’m just verbose today. And waffling too much.

The Gist Of My Post, Kind Of!

To get to my post now…I’m kind of disappointed that some don’t think my Necrosophy books are spiritual. Well, maybe they really ARE spiritual because of the emphasis I put on ancestors, for one! Ancestor reverence is very enlightening, healing, calming and elevates the Dead as well as your own soul. Who says elevating souls is not spiritual? Isn’t that what Priests/Priestesses try to do when one passes on? As a Funerary Priestess, that is my goal. And to help grieving people adjust. My books are meant to be very informative. I was not working with Demons at that point and time, so they did not end up in this book. There are other books that are Necromantic and Demonic which have emphasis on certain things, and I did not even know they existed at the time my book did. I was not paying any attention to Demonolatry at that time, because that was a period when I shut it down. I was studying other things. Not even Palo. I was doing my own thing, and doing it very well. Why did I stop?

I got lonely. I had no one to share this information with. It seemed as though no one gave a damn, so I just gave up. I learned A LOT about my practice during the time I was using my Spirit Pot though. It was INTENSE. I was working with the Pot and Santa Muerte. Exclusively with muertos and Her. In and of itself, it is not a lonely practice, because you have a lot of spiritual energy, but having no one to share it with sucks. I documented things in my blog (a past one), but it didn’t gain very many readers.

Most of the information in my Necrosophy books came from channeling. There were some people out there defrauding my character and saying I plagiarized because I used two rituals out of a very scarce Witchcraft book in one of my books. I gave the author credit. I tried to locate the author, but to no avail. I think she has passed on. I haven’t even found another person who owns that book! I was admiring the work, I wasn’t meaning to gain from it. I’m not gaining much in royalties anyway. It’s not my prerogative to make money off of books I write. It is satisfaction of people reading them, studying them, and trying the rituals/exercises I write in them that makes me fulfilled. That’s the honest to Demons truth.

Sure, I need to make money to live. But doing a project like this is not going to house or feed me. I have my disability pay and my husband. (Common law, in case you are reading this, Social Security)

Another thing – I do love the imagery of Saturn, the power of it, the number 9 and all of it’s great associations – but I do not feel it is necessary for necromantic work. I DO use it, don’t get me wrong! I love Saturn. I’m ruled by it – I’m an Aquarius, dammit. 😛 (No, I don’t really like the Uranus association, I prefer the classical astrology) For Demonic necromantic work, Saturn seems necessary, but it isn’t really. Not for me. I think it’s probably prominent for people who actually NEED that extra energy. I already was born with it. I have a very strong link to Death in my chart. It’s posted here on this blog twice because I was a moron and forgot I posted it. LOL. A friend of mine from a long time ago analyzed my chart differently than I had it done before. She said some interesting things about my link with Death. Having 2 NDE’s was also a game changer. If you don’t have these links, or a natural ability with the Death Energy, you must call it into your life and perhaps use Saturn’s energies. I do use it on Saturdays, especially when I have obstacles or blockages.

To be perfectly honest, I love the idea of gate opening and so forth, but I’m not about to do it. Reasoning? Gates are already wide open here. The Dead are coming and going as they please because I have a vortex in my house, as well as being only 156 miles away from one of the most mysterious vortexes on the whole Planet Earth. The Oregon Vortex. There are 15 natural ley lines there that intersect. I want to go to this place. I just have to convince my honey to go south on I-5! The closer you get to California, the more it wants to suck you in and turn you into a weirdo. Sorry if I offend any Californians. I am an Oregonian and we have an unspoken rule here. We just don’t like them migrating up here with their organic bullshit and smart cars, making our real estate so expensive and tearing up our beautiful land to make ugly narrow houses. LOL!

I am waffling so bad tonight. I’m having another weird one. Wired even though I took my meds for sleep. Even my lovely lavender supplements. They are making me feel a bit like I’m on some Valium or something. Ahhh, some MediHaze. That’s nice.

I know people don’t know what I’m talking about, or referencing here. The book, “The Keys of Ocat.” It’s an advanced Demonolatry grimiore. It DOES have a lot more spiritual significance with the Demons. OF COURSE! Because it was written by a religious Demonolatress. At the time I wrote my book, see, I was on hiatus, so my book was not religious – BUT YES, it IS spiritual. And if you fail to see that, your eyes and brain must not be hooked together right. It was meant to be a practical grimiore, not anything flowery or filled with meaningless prose and poetry. I write for the working stiffs who happen to have a different form of spirituality. The many Paleros who wrote to me thought it was very spiritual and wondered how I knew all that stuff about making the Pots the way I did. Well, I didn’t have much of a clue. It was channeled. It could have been my personal spirit telling me, or it could have been knowledge I already received at some point, maybe in a past life for all I know. It sure as HELL didn’t come from any Palo books! There are NO GOOD Palo books in English. None. Nada. And don’t you tell me Frisvold’s book is good. It is CRAP.

Enough Palo shit. Didn’t mean to get into that. I said I wouldn’t. Ugh. Maybe it’s time for me to end this fucking post because it is already too long. I’m just meandering anyway. Is there really anything to take from this post? LOL. It is as pointless as it was when I attempted to try YouTube. That was a disaster. I’m no good on camera. Oh Well! Time to go to the Luciferian Apotheca and window shop!


Happy Equinox!

I know it’s pretty late to say happy equinox. I just got done with my ritual a little while ago. It ran about 45 minutes long. I wasn’t working on any magic this time with Leviathan, it was a worship ritual. Prayer and meditation, talking to Leviathan about people in my life who need help, besides myself, of course. It’s always an intense ritual for me because he’s my patron. I thought I’d have the one prayer from Leviathan’s ritual memorized by now, but it’s pretty clunky. I love it, but my mind doesn’t absorb it for some reason. So I create my own quite often to go along with that one. It is better to write your own prayers anyway. They tend to mean more coming from your heart. ❤

Leviathan’s presence was very strong. My head was buzzing, ears were hot. Those are my signs of presence. Plus a cool breeze that he sometimes has. I gave him a parchment offering and a blood wine offering. I’ll keep the offering inside on the altar overnight and pour it outside tomorrow. The other Demon’s presences were strong as well. It was a very attended ritual. I gave Leviathan a nice blue candle with some oleum and blood to honor him for this rite too. We Demonolators use a lot of blood, don’t we?! LOL.

Until the next holy day…which is The Rite to Eury, Ba’alberith and Babeal on Samhain! Happy Second Rite to Leviathan!

Part of the altar: (Leviathan’s candle)

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