About Teaching & Satanic Styles

Hi Folks,

Some of you have come to me, wanting to be taught Demonolatry or to be in my coven. While I don’t mind the gesture, I’m not really interested in teaching anyone at the moment. I have some big things going on in my coven right now. And having two students is difficult enough. Especially when I’m in charge of most of the things that happen. I have to balance my magical jobs with correspondence, which is not easy. My man, or “partner in crime” only helps me with my Etsy shop. Which is another thing that I run on my own. I’m getting some super lucky Jupiter in Leo help. That’s one of my planetary rulers – and people with this ruling always sniff out jobs to do. I’m no exception.

I’m heavily into astrology right now. Trying to make sense about how things work. It is NOT an easy ‘science’ to master. Thank Demons we have computers now to do calculations.  When I was a kid, I did my own math to find out my Moon sign. That was difficult enough!

Anyway, I used to really hang out at the Demonolatry Worldwide forum on Facebook, but I don’t find myself hanging out there anymore. It’s become pretty mundane, unless you can get past this stuff and get to some of the good stuff. Most of the questions, I did not feel dignified to answer a lot of things, because my replies would have undoubtedly caused friction. You’ve got a few types of Satanists in these forums…not to make fun, but here are my observations.

Teaching Observations:

The Total Noob: Goes on the forum and asks: How do I summon Belial? (Or insert Demon name here)

The In Your Face With My Demonic Power – Convinced that they are receiving all sorts of messages from the Demons at any moment; the Demons dictate their behavior; every answer to a question must be quoted from an S. Connolly book; wearing large pentagrams and Baphomet’s just make you look so DARK!

The Chosen One – We see a lot of this in Demonolatry. People get a false sense of power because they begin working with Demons and receive the energy and it’s intoxicating. It makes them reach higher, trying to find a similar feeling. They end up thinking they have all of this rank, when they really have none. They feel holier than thou.

Luciferians – I’m going to admit this is not my favorite form of Satanism. Why? Because it focuses so heavily on the “dark current” or whatever. We MUST be different than everyone else. We HAVE to be the most evil, the MOST extreme. We need to use various cultures to draw from because we are really confused about our own spiritual heritage, so we go and rape others that seem “dark.” Just go to every culture and adopt their gods/goddesses and call them Luciferian. Oooohkay. And Luciferians seem to not have a good sense of humor and seem to be rigid folks. Sorry, that’s just my encounter with quite a few of them.

Abrahamic Satanists – Reverse Christians. People who call upon Qayin (Cain). IMHO. Samael. Shit from the Bible. Nah, no place in real Satanism. People who think Demons are fallen angels. ROFL.

Self-Styled Satanists – These are the most common. They don’t always look the part. They can kill themselves so easily. They are usually depressed teenagers or twenty-somethings. They make up their Satanism as it goes along. These ones come with the dumbest questions. Though I don’t think there is such of a thing as a dumb question…I answer everyone.

Atheist Satanists – What’s the fucking point?

Hard Polytheists – Belief in the Demons actually being separate and existing on their own.

Soft Polytheists – Belief that the Demons are part of something bigger, like old gods or even psychological aspects of the magician’s personality.

This is just my view. I didn’t think I would last in Satanism after all of these years of turmoil. It was always something I’d come back to, where I always felt “at home.”

Did I go through phases? Naturally. Mostly just the “chosen one” phase. I think all Demonolators do.


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