Demonic Readings & General

My work is going very well. I’m saving the money I need for my trip and ceremony. I’m still looking for some personal jobs though. I’d like at least one other job if anyone is interested. I’m always open for readings.

I have two different Demonic readings now. The $40 reading is a basic reading that utilizes the Demons help. I use Demonic cards, no tarot. It is very simple, I just need very direct questions. If you ask vague questions, you will receive vague answers.

The other Demonic reading is a magical reading, which involves much more information. I require a birth date, time, and city and country. This requires specific questions too. Also, it will involve a magical ascension ritual where I will gaze into a black bowl and see which Demons appear to be in your periphery. This reading can end up somewhat general at times, just remember to ask the appropriate questions. I’ll be able to pull a lot of other information off of you too. I use various forms of divination for this reading. Demonic cards, cowrie shells, the black bowl for ascension, sometimes tarot.

End of plug.

I’ve been getting steady work, I just want to keep getting it! I’m not too far away from my goal amount.


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