Finally – Spirit Pots Getting Noticed

Hmmm. Weird – finally people are reading my Spirit Pot posts. Sure took a long time. And I did get contacted by someone who apparently made one and it’s successful. So that is a good thing to know. Maybe there are more people out there that I don’t know about? I don’t expect contact about them, but it’s nice to hear that someone is having luck. That lets me know that for one, I’m definitely not full of bullshit. Haha. I knew that anyway. My old friend in Mexico said that my Spirit Pots are pretty close to nganga’s that he was surprised I wasn’t already initiated into Palo and actually had my own nganga. NO, they are NOT the same – at all. But some of the ingredients and such are the same. There is A LOT more that goes into a nganga and it HAS TO BE MADE by your Tata, you have to be initiated to a certain level, and all that jazz.

That’s the beauty of Spirit Pots. Anyone can make one. But…not everyone can make them operational. You need to know about your muertos very extensively. How to gather them and work with them. And of course, the mechanics of how the Spirit Pot works, what it needs as offerings go, the right conditions to house it, and many more things. I mean, sure, you can copy my ingredients, rituals and procedures on how to build a Spirit Pot, but will it work for you? After spending a couple hundred dollars on it, you’d better hope you can make it work. LOL. If it doesn’t, then you just have an odd piece of artwork that you can either store or throw away.

If the pot doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t keep it because it COULD potentially cause problems. How? If you tried to attach a spirit to it and didn’t build it right, things can go awry. You can get haunting activity, bad luck, and/or crossed conditions. Yes, this is possible. It may not happen, but it’s probable. So think hard before you even want to buy any of the supplies/ingredients. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money and time.

Have fun!!


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