Hard Work-N-Things

I’ve been working my little magical ass off. I have two clients at once, with two very different magical outcomes. It’s not all that confusing because I’m used to it. I cannot disclose what work I am doing but lets just say it is quite difficult. Plus I’m still waiting for some stuff from a botanica. That’s always the hardest part.

But I did discover that the cheap “7 day” candles are actually 4 day candles – highly disappointing. The ones I got from Original Botanica for $4.95 are TOTALLY worth the price. They actually burn for 7 days, most of the time. If you haven’t checked out their regular 7 day candles, I suggest you do. The refillable ones are pretty damn good too. The shipping gets a bit expensive, but if you buy heavy candles, expect it.

I made a bunch of oils for a friend who is paying me for them. She ordered 10. I got them all done within two days. I mixed a powder for another friend who shall remain nameless as well as her situation. The powder remains a secret too. It’s not hoodoo related. It’s a recipe that I got through Lucifuge. I learn a lot from him and other Demons as well. But he is very connected to one of the jobs I’m doing. Mama Chola sent me the jobs…she is so excellent. No, she’s not a Demon. She is from Palo Mayombe. I still work with her and other kimpungulu.

On another topic, someone contacted me who made the Spirit Pot work for them. No one else has contacted me. I think too many people don’t do it right or they’re too lazy or weak to make it work.

Well that is my post for now. Gotta get back to work.


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