Demonic Theophany, Gates, Vi Baoith Raimi Kairtey

I’ve been studying my TTS version of the Infernal Colopatiron by S. Connolly that I got years ago. I haven’t tested it out yet. I am thinking about doing elemental gate opening, because that is the first experiment. I don’t know if I’ll ever do the long gate opening ceremony or not. I would love to try it, but right now it seems quite challenging. I’m advanced enough. I know that. I’ve been contemplating this topic a lot lately. I’m not the type of magician who believes in smoke and mirrors. I want actual manifestation. And I’ve actually only had one experience that was really kind of alarming because I wasn’t ready for it. It happened about two weeks before my mother’s passing. I was coming out of my bedroom, into my hallway and felt a cold presence. Then tap, tap, tap, on my right shoulder. I knew the energy. It was Eurynomous. He is well known for making appearances in various different ways. For instance, via Vi Baoith Raimi Kairtey. That is when writing will appear on a piece of paper all on its own during ritual. You may not be able to decipher what it says. I’ve seen this phenomenon. It is really interesting. It wasn’t my own experience, it was someone else, but that is powerful stuff right there. You cannot force this to happen. And it only happens with the Nine Demonic Divinities as far as I know. Eury, as he is affectionately known, just seems to be a really comforting presence, but the tapping on my shoulder was kind of unexpected and creepy. LOL.


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  1. It is interesting that you find Eurynomous, a demon of death comforting. Most people I know are afraid of death. I never worked with him but I affectionately named him Nomnom. He is supposed to eat corpses so it suits him well.


    1. I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic as typing does not show a tone of voice or other sarcastic attributes. I’m not afraid of death because I’ve been very close to dying twice and Eury was there to comfort me both times.


      1. I meant that generally people are afraid of death. Even necromancy is seen as something dangerous. I was not being sarcastic at all. I was not aware that you were close to death twice. I thought you were naturally brave and you do work with the muertos/muertas. I find no reason to be sarcastic.


    2. Euryonomous is often misunderstood– the orthodox conception of him often focuses entirely on his deathlyness when it is also in his nature to bring about change, life, rebirth and renewal. He is the tendency of all things to decay, and therefore, the tendency of all things to change. He’s comparable to a phoenix, or rather, the animating force behind the biological mechanisms which engender the cyclic renewal of a phoenix.


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