Work on Both Sides

I’ve been working with the Demons, and have been working with the kimpungulu as well. Mama Chola I am grateful for. She helps me get work when I need it. I have some goals. So hopefully I can fulfill them in the nearest future.

My nkisi for Mama Chola is almost done. I should be getting her soon. It will be awesome. I’ll have to figure out where to put her, which altar works best. Since she is watery, I have a shared spot for her on my Leviathan shrine. Makes some sense, I guess. But some people would say “Do not mix! Do not mix!” Well fuddy duddies, it works, so I don’t care what you say. I will be aligned with my spirits soon enough! I hope!

I also have a Santa Muerte shrine. Am I going to get fried for this too? I have her watch over my dad. Simple as that.

Ooh I’m on the verge of something horrible right? Too many different beings at once! Ha! I say. I like the variety of energies I get from whomever I work with. Oh yeah, there’s the Dead too. Anyone going to schiz out?

I’m doing really well. Money is flowing. We’re paying our bills on time. We have no more struggles to worry about, just a simple ennui that occurs because we don’t have much to do. I tend to retreat into my spiritual world, while my honey likes his video games. We’re both retired before age 50. Various disabilities. But it doesn’t mean that I stop what I’m doing and dwell on my problems. People with disabilities can practice just the same as someone in tip top health. Chronic pain does stop me at times, but I keep chugging on. Marijuana is one of my medications. Just because it’s recreational here doesn’t mean I use it for recreation. I often get things with a balanced CBD level for pain relief. It works as well as an opiate if you find the right milligram dosage of THC and CBD. For me it’s at least 60 mg THC and 20 mg CBD, estimated. (I know that’s not 100%.)

Anyhoo, enough for now. Later readers.


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