Lots of Work

I’ve just gotten some good work to do. I wasn’t terribly busy, doing a lot of readings. But I have magic work to do now, so I’ll be plenty engaged now. I asked Mama Chola for help, so I must thank her for her help on this. That means a trip to the river with some offerings. I haven’t even received her nkisi to work with yet. My godfather is making one for me. A nkisi is a sort of object or fetish. Obviously I can work with her without it, but I think things will be a lot more powerful with the nkisi. Mama Chola never lets me down. 🙂

So my practice is mostly Demonolatry, but with some good Palo work thrown in. Demonolatry helps a lot, because I cannot afford to be initiated into Palo. But I’m saving up for my Espiritista initiation. It’s what I’m working for right now.

I’ll get to know my spiritual court and be able to hold misas, if I can get anyone to join me. LOL.

So, yeah, I’ll be a busy bee for awhile. Woot! Thank you Mama Chola. ❤


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