Random Ramblings: Doin’ Stuff

Yesterday was quite busy, spiritually anyway. I cleaned my boveda, refilled the glasses and honored my ancestors and Ba’alberith. I also ended up making six different Demonic oleums. Lots of work there. I am making a total of 10 for a customer. They are turning out awesome. 🙂

I also made Santisima Muerte La Negra oil. It smells really good. I do work with her too. Her shrine is in my living room. Not many people come over so it’s pretty safe there. I just found a black rosary at an Estate sale, so I figured it would be perfect for her statue. I’m not using my expensive statue anymore. I put it away for safe keeping. I have a less fancy statue up now.

Today will be busy. I have to ship off a package and go buy some more 7 day candles at the Mexican grocery. Only place I can find any decent ones. My town sucks. I can’t find anything and I end up getting ripped off because I have to buy supplies online.

I am excited about Samhain this year! I’m initiating someone into my group. It’s going to be very cool. If I don’t screw up. I have before. LOL.


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