The Demonolatry Scene Is Convoluted

Let’s first identify the word, convoluted. According to the Oxford dictionary it means: (especially of an argument, story, or sentence) extremely complex and difficult to follow.

Does that make sense to anyone studying magic or the occult? To a noob, magic is a wonderland of surprises and neat happenings. As you progress, magic will become more of a necessity instead of being ‘fun.’ The seriousness of the mundane world can weigh heavily on us and that can have an effect on our spirituality too.

People seem to make Demonolatry look extremely hard, when it’s not. All you need to do is begin praying to a Demon of your choice.

I cannot even stand the new magic books that are out there. They purposely throw things in there to confuse students. You all won’t believe how many people I’ve gotten questions from, doing all of those goddamn banishings from traditional grimiores! Most of them, their asses are already busted…from the Demons themselves.

When I teach, it’s all practical. I don’t like being esoteric in my language. That is just another convoluted way to get your teachings across, I guess. And that’s not the right way in my opinion. I believe teacher/student should be open to each other and have a warm relationship. I never got into the Priesthood by being a cold bitch.

An Explanation of Why I Call Myself A High Priestess

When I was in a group, I made it to Assisting Priestess. That was nine years ago. A TON of transformation happened and my new teachers and friends regard me as a High Priestess. It also comes with the knowledge. I’ve been studying magic for 25 years now, officially! Wow. I just figured that out! LOL.

Basically, what I’m trying to say with this post is that to stay away from difficult to follow or understanding of contexts within the literature of the Demonolatry community. Never assume that if you talk to another Demonolator that they will automatically make them friendly to you. Be careful of odd views. Odd as in: Someone thinks their the Antichrist (hellfire and brimstone!), superstitious beliefs (Demonolators aren’t usually superstitious) or being possessed by a Demon. Things like this have no place in Demonolatry.

We are not in control of the Demons. But they will help us in any way. They will always be our companions on the dark side of life.



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