Different Methods

I guess you could say that I’m working eclectically right now. But I still really hate that word. Eclectic. Makes me think of Wiccans calling upon different goddesses, such as Oya and Minerva in the same circle. Yikes! I’m not a mixer of pantheons.

I had a fabulous Rite to Flereous. I felt his presence more than ever before. Usually my summer solstice rites were kind of dull with energy unless I was with other people. Flereous was here strong. His presence was very known.

But I have gotten back into some of my Palo roots. NEVER did I say I was giving up on Palo completely. Just on the initiation. It’s so crazy expensive. I’ve been working with Lucero and I’ll be getting something special for Mama Chola.

Feeling good, powerful, spiritual energies going strong.



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