I Don’t Understand Expensive Magic

So, okay. My magic may go into hundred(s) of dollars sometimes. There are sound reasons for that. It depends on what kind of magic I’m doing, what the risks are, and what the benefits may be.

BUT – HOLY SHIT BATMAN! (RIP Adam West) I heard that this one rather “famous” YouTube “Witch” is charging 10K for spells!!! That is fucking unreasonable and anyone who is willing to fork over that kind of cash to ANYONE, particularly to some “Witch” that they don’t know in REAL LIFE is irresponsible, stupid, and absolutely IGNORANT! Do your research before you invest in a spellcaster. I don’t care how ‘beautiful’ she is. I don’t care how mystical her Etsy site looks. I don’t care if she says “I’ll curse them for you.” Steer clear of these online spellcasters, they are fakes, charlatans, frauds, and pieces of dog shit.

That goes for male spellcasters too. I just generalized Witch to female. So sue me.

I take the time to get to know my clients. I research them, find out what’s going on. I try to work in the most economical way that I can for each person. I’m not one who just throws caution to the wind and buys super expensive occult shit. My loose incenses and oils are handmade from my own stock. I specially brew magical baths. I make nearly everything by hand. The most important part though, is that I don’t get on my high horse and charge huge bucks for magic that is easily done without a shit load of tools and accoutrements.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, either…but being more reasonable is more responsible.


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