Random Ramblings: *Everyone* Thinks They’re A Writer Now

Oh my my. I was on Amazon looking for things to read. I have never seen SO MUCH garbage in my life! Looking through magic, necromancy, goetia, and other occult topics..everyone thinks they’re a writer now because it’s so easy to self-publish. Some of these books I’ve gotten on my Kindle and they’re not even edited properly or have a decent ePUB format! And most of the books – I mean MOST of them do not get near 100 pages of material. It’s pathetic. Not everyone is a writer. When I began, I didn’t write really long books either. But, I matured and grew. Because I was persistent with my writing. Still, I can’t write a million pages of material – I’m not Stephen King, the most verbose guy on the planet. I can’t write fiction because I simply don’t read much of it. My visualization skills are great, my imagination is too, but I don’t see a point in making up a story. That’s just me.

A lot of that material available for cheap on Kindle is nothing but utter nonsense, crap, and not even worth it. You can read my blog, I have a lot more info on here than some stupid “MagicK 101” or spooky named, Latin touting titled book.

Ok, that was one of my rambling rantings.


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