This post is for people who want to be my student.

My group is five people, including me, and we intend to stay small. We are not in the same state, so it’s a virtual group, but we work rituals together at the same time, adjusting time zones. I’m the High Priestess, and there is a High Priest. If we are considering a new member, we are very stringent in a candidate. We do not mind newbies. But you must be over 21, have no identity crisis, and absolutely no drama. We do test candidates for loyalty, secretiveness, values, and strength. We reserve the right to kick out an unruly person, and that is defined by the High Priest and I. Oath-breakers receive rightful punishment.

Another thing: You will have to drop all of your Christian/Catholic trappings. I do not debate Bible topics, anything about legions of Demons, hell, damnation, etc. I expect students to leave that all behind. I do not discuss “Qayin.” Nor the 218 current. Nor anything to do with Michael Ford, E.A. Koetting, or Sorceress Cagliastro. I don’t teach the Kabbalistic background – I teach Hermeticism. I dislike Chaos magic, Enochian, Crowley. If you want to learn these things, you may study them on your own.

Maybe one person could be let in right now.

If you’re interested and have no issues with what I said, email me at


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