I figured that I’d post a basic exercise for beginners to try out. I do this for the majority of people who come across me with questions about Demons. Most of the time, they have a Demon name in mind.

Investigate the Demon. Find out if there is a Demonic “enn” and a sigil for them. If you can, draw or print the sigil. Have it in front of you while you sit in a quiet space and intone the Demonic enn three times OR invocation of your own making to the Demon. An invocation could be, “(Demon name), I humbly ask that you be present here during my meditation. I would like to feel your essence.” You could say both if you wish. Wait. Continue sitting quietly for at least five minutes. Hopefully, you’ll feel something. If not, try the exercise on another day and try to sit longer. Write down your whole experience. Every sensation, feeling, sound, all senses. I’m starting with shorter sessions of sitting so that you don’t get too frustrated with the meditation. And to give you more gusto to try it longer if it doesn’t work within five minutes. 🙂

Sigils and enns: (The two major hierarchies in Demonolatry)




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