Random Ramblings: Story of a Fraud

So, there was a guy on Facebook, plugging his book, “Truly Summoning Satan.” I checked it out, it is only 24 pages (on Kindle). For $10. I started talking to the author about the price of his book, how I thought it was a joke. He just slammed me and said “I made $350 in 5 days. Money talks.” It appears, he doesn’t give a shit about his writing, or spreading his word. He just wants the money. The sales were of his *physical* books. Now, I wonder what site is selling those, and how much royalties he’s getting for that? Ridiculous. People are just buying this book because it says it will make Christians burn it. What a load of bullshit. It’s apparent this dude knows absolutely nada. He is a fraud, a fake. He just wants money. I write for people, for knowledge. I don’t give two shits about my royalties. I tried replying to his post again, but the wimp deleted it. Guess he didn’t want people to see how greedy he is.


2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings: Story of a Fraud

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  1. I have Kindle Unlimited so I thought I would take a look yesterday. It seemed to me like a kid from one of the groups complaining about Anton LaVey wasn’t a real Satanist because he didn’t believe in a real Satan. He referred to Satan as Satan Lucifer… (Why is that my psychic senses smell sauerkraut and bubble gum?) I returned it to the Kindle store after looking through it.


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