What I’m Doing

Hmm. What am I doing? Lots of things. I’m hooked on two channels on YouTube. I love Black Witch S (Black Witch Coven now) and Indigo Priestess. I’m doing client work. And I’m also doing some very personal work with the Death Demons. I got a wonderful funerary prayer cord from Sephira Alchemy on demonolatry.org. I am also a Funerary Priestess, if anyone didn’t know that. The work I’m doing is with a different Death Demon than I usually do work with.

My work is bringing me further into my divination skills. I’m improving even more so than I had ever hoped. When I was younger, I never thought I’d be able to master any kind of divination because I couldn’t master tarot. Well, I gave up that attitude and moved on to other forms of divination. I found power in Ouija boards, scrying, ceromancy, shells/chamalongos, and necromancy. These vary a lot from simple card readings.

I did manage to clean my temple room and it looks great now. The energy in there now is more free flowing. All the dust and cobwebs that were inaccessible to me, my husband vacuumed down. Things look like they should now. I’ve killed the carpet with some mishaps like spilling dragon’s blood ink…LOL. I’ve got the shade down to a light pink. Be careful folks!



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