Random Ramblings: Demons and Things

I’m living good. The Demons are making everything in my life go well. Getting our benefits has made life easier and I’m going to get my temple room cleaned up. It’s also my bedroom, so I have to fit both in. Need boxes and hangers. It will look a lot better when I’m through with it.

I got some messages on Walpurgis night from Ba’alberith about doing some special rites with him. It’s to make my communication with the Dead better and stronger. I had not figured out why he wanted to work with me until today. It’s the Sixth. It just took me looking into a book and figuring it out. I feel so DUH.

I hate when things are obvious like that. Ahhhh! 😛

I guess we can all be dense sometimes.

At least things are going really well with my relationships with the Demons. I’m going to get that training, plus working with my students. We are a strong union. The High Priest will be getting a special ritual sometime this year, hopefully. We do live in different places but that doesn’t make much of a difference. We communicate a lot and time our rituals together for the most part. I like to film my rituals for my students to watch. There should be one for the Rite to Flereous this year, I’m planning – if it’s not too hot.

Oh, yes…I must mention. I have shopped at the Luciferian Apotheca and I love it! It’s my new favorite online occult shop. I’ve bought their incense and oils. They are good quality. I love the Baphomet incense as well as the Leviathan incense. Those two oils are great too. I got a cool good luck necklace that has an inverted pentacle and I’ve never seen anything like it. So check out that place. It’s a little slow but worth it.



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