Random Ramblings: Total Ramble

This is utterly personal…

If I went back to my early days as a Demonolatress, I would be shocked at where I am now. Mainly because I’m not really a member of the community anymore and they don’t like or trust me. This highly disappoints me. I thought I would still be in the same sect. But, shit happens and I ruined things. At least I got a lot of training in Palo and I learned about my psychic abilities during this time I was apart from Demonolatry. Plus I learned necromancy/necromantic work through experienced Paleros. I learned so much during my absence in Demonolatry that I think I’m a valuable resource now in the community. I’m much more mature and I don’t do silly head trips. I don’t lord over others. My own group is doing well, just wish I could once be accepted again – but I know that ain’t going to happen!

That’s why I’ve moved on with my own group. We are six people strong now. We’re pretty tight.

Sometimes I wish I could change the past.


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