Re-Dedication Ceremony

I’m having a re-dedication ceremony to my patron Demon on Walpurgisnacht (April 30). I decided this date because it’s close to the First Rite to Leviathan (May 2nd). I’m Witchy (Bruja) and I appreciate that date to be a time where the veils between the worlds is thin. Anyone who studies Witchcraft will realize this significant date. I have the ritual planned, the altar set, everything needed. I got a new necklace, Leviathan’s cross. I’ve saved it all month, charging on my altar, not wearing it yet. It’s been hard not to wear it. I’m excited for this, and I know the ritual will go well.

Why am I doing a re-dedication to my patron? Because I want to show him that I’m serious about my intent to work with him, worship him and share my life with him.

I’ll share the ritual with you folks, how it goes.


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