I Have To Mention This

There’s something that is bugging me, so I have to mention it. I don’t want people thinking I’m a fake or a fraud. That is something I’m definitely not, and I’m not a liar either. I hate liars. I’m putting myself out here, in the public, for anyone to read my thoughts. It does give me vulnerability. Maybe I should not have had a blog talking about Palo or whatever. People seem to think I’m just going out there, doing whatever I want, taking traditions and ‘raping’ them. I’m NOT.

This is far from the truth. Everything I do is legit. Ask my godfather. I’ve seen amazing things happen in any path I’ve followed. I am a magician. No matter *what* spirituality I am. This is me, okay? Have a problem?

I’m not hurting anyone. I’m just following my own way. No matter what I run into, it shouldn’t matter to anyone but me. I don’t like being insulted, but I take things in stride.

Being back in Demonolatry is wonderful and a blessing. The Demons have kept in contact with me always, even when I was on a different path. Once you get them, they don’t always leave you. Especially patrons/matrons or mentors.

Well that’s all I have to say for now.



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