My Husband’s Magic

All of the work that I did for my husband was through the Demons. I had a lot of success through them. I started with a Demon who would help my cause, a Demon who would remove obstacles and worked with them for quite awhile, when the paperwork was processing. I worked with Leviathan for justice in this case and Seere for fast results. Belial was also invoked for certain purposes. Not long after I worked with Seere, we got the papers in the mail that my husband has 100% disability through the VA. It’s not an IU (individual unemployability), it’s better. Permanent disability. You can get an IU and it can be temporary. So we got what we needed through these Demons I worked with. I worked hard, everyday. It took awhile, but I consider this quick results. We now get what we need and can live comfortably and without worry. Thank Demons we made it!!!


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