Exclusivility: Why It Shouldn’t Happen

Seems like these days everyone wants to be exclusive. Why is this? What is this phenomena? I ran into someone the other day who didn’t want to be a part of a group because it’s exclusive. I think it leads to stagnation. I do believe in oaths of secrecy within groups, having material not seen by others, and the High Priest and High Priestess discerning who will be taught and let into the group. Apparently, there’s a lot of alienation going on. I didn’t know this. It’s pathetic! When I started learning, I hated this too. But I went with it, instead of letting it get to me. Not everyone does this, or can do this.

This generation is different, by far. It seems like they need more special attention. And learning correct form in time.. is something that someone who wants to learn Demonolatry is going to hate because most people want to work with the Demons right away. I’m not going to deny that the Demons are dangerous, especially for a newbie. There are plenty of books out there, but there are people who want help and most teachers are acting on exclusivity. Being too secretive is not always a great thing. If you are a High Priest/ess of Demonolatry, and want to feel appreciated, counsel some noobs!! But teachers should charge a fee of sorts because of their time.

My take on students, groups, and teaching is very different than others. I actually love teaching. I feel I am meant to teach. I’m not conventional though. I’ve talked about my unconventional teaching methods before, like the boveda.

Another take on it is that newbies are too coddled. They want to learn all they can from books and expect a teacher to help them. Well, this isn’t so…Books aren’t the be all to end all. Go out and experience the Demons. Let go of your doubt. A teacher won’t keep you from doubting. It’s natural. And most of the time, the student isn’t doing anything wrong, unless they are being forceful with the Demons, yelling at them or demanding things from them. So go work with Demons but don’t be stupid newbies!

As a long time LHP practitioner, there are a few authors I don’t recommend. Just because they are rather reckless with their practices. IMHO, anyway. If you’re into Demonolatry, these people will just confuse you anyway.

E.A. Koetting

Michael Ford

Sorceress Cagliastro


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