Ballroom Blitz & Pics

I went to my concert last night. Did a meet and greet. Awesome! Captain Sensible is the friendliest. He’s nice to meet. Dave was a little aloof, but he liked my ‘badges’ (pins) on my jacket. He got close to touching my hair. It was magical. I’ll post pics later. I’m on a different computer. Got GREAT swag. Free t-shirt. Poster, “New Rose,” single…so cool. I fell down and got injured but that ballroom needs more light on the stairs and the elevator only half worked. It’s funny, Dave Vanian injured his shoulder and so did I with the fall from the stairs. I’m TOO FUCKING OLD for concerts like that. I think I can only hit small gigs. The Damned was big!! Even Morrissey didn’t beat this for me. The Damned forever!!!

I had a request and they heard me. Captain could remember the guitar parts, Dave couldn’t remember the lyrics! It was “The Last Time” by the Stones. Did it for my mom. RIP.

It was really disastrous but worth every penny. I’m forever injured, realizing my disabilities is SO HARD. I didn’t want to tell the Jeff Bridges looking guy that I needed extra time. I’ve accepted my pain for the greatest punks ever. πŸ™‚ It’s almost an honorary injury, but it shows my blindness, the imperfection of my gait, it was embarrassing.

They sounded great though. πŸ™‚ I’m happy for awhile.


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