Results n stuff

I got some excellent magical results.:) I’m so happy!!! I lived in uncertainty for a long time, and now I don’t have to worry anymore. Let’s just say it was money issues. No more money problems. We can live more comfortably. Maybe get a house. 🙂

I thanked all the Demons I worked with and burned a blood sigil parchment to them all. Separate, of course. I honored all of them individually. There were five. So I worked pretty hard and we got something we never anticipated.

Stability is once returned. I don’t feel unsure anymore. Having my Demonic practice is definitely helpful and I feel secure in it. Magical results just make it deeper. I wish I could mention more of this online, but the government reads my blog. FU government!!! Anyway…yeah, so things are going really well. I worked damn hard magically for what we got.

And I also work hard for others. So it is done. 🙂



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