Random Ramblings: Rites & Things

My practice is now pretty active, picking up. I’m all ready for the first of the Rites of Belphegore today. I have flowers and a candle prepared for him and I’m ready to give some blood to the Earth for prosperity this year. The weather is supposed to be spring like today. No rain!! Woot.

I’m really taking everything with a lot more seriousness than I used to. Maybe it’s because I’ve done a lot of growing up the past few years. I have some worldliness, but I haven’t been a ton of places. Just had a lot of emotional experiences and learned a lot from people.

Doing magic for people teaches you a lot about human nature and exactly what people want; I can almost instantly tell of someone wants a certain type of love working. An obsessive one, with lots of controlling or compelling to it. These aren’t my favorite, but they are a specialty. All love work is. I’ve mentioned that my Palo Mama is Chola Wengue. It doesn’t matter if I don’t practice Palo anymore – she’s still there and influences my magic work.

I have a knack for divination. It’s not through tarot cards, or even Demonic cards. I receive info directly through Ashtaroth, Avnas, or Delepitoré. Usually one of these Demons at a time. It’s mostly automatic writing. I work with a pendulum, or sometimes the Demonic cards. I can do tarot, it’s just not my cup of tea. I can’t really identify with it. Maybe a purely Goetic deck….

I just cleaned my fishing float that I use for scrying. Think I’ll dab the bottom with some Clary Sage oil. I’m going to use it tomorrow and see what I get. It has worked before, very well actually. It’s cobalt blue. I got it in the coastal town of Newport, Oregon. Got it specifically for the Kasdeya rite. Which I DID finish. I kind of blame that ritual for things that happened to me. If you’re not fully ready for Kasdeya, DO NOT ATTEMPT, no matter how enticing it sounds. There is a lot of work. Mostly self-work. It can turn your life around, for good or not so good. Mine went toward the latter.

Being in the Eastern Star has been great too. The meetings run a little late sometimes, but it’s really cool and humanitarian. That’s one thing people don’t get about Masons and the Order of the Eastern Star. We are helping people, not doing a ton of secret society stuff, or planning some kind of occult thing. It’s not a cult either. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of people saying these lodges are Satanic, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Yes, there are secrets but it’s not clandestine. And yes, I have a special handshake. 🙂

I can’t wait until my rededication to Leviathan. I’m waiting for a pendant and a large dark blue candle. I could have gotten regular blue, but nah. I liked the deeper blue for Leviathan. I still need to make some incense for him. I have his oleum. This time the ritual should click like it did the first time. Provided I’m not disturbed for a couple of hours.

Well, off to more Demonic adventures!




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