Bitter Against ATR’s (A RANT)

Hate to say this, especially since I thought Palo was my home. Now I’m very bitter against the ATR’s. Maybe because I’m not ‘meant’ to be in one. That’s their thinking. All mighty spirits must be against it, right? Here’s $150 for this reading and another $350 for a Lucero. Only a FOOL thinks you need to spend so much money on a fucking religion. And I was a FOOL too. And, no, you cannot charge your own items! It must be charged by the Tata with animal sacrifice, chamba, and cigar smoke. I admit I got a lot of free work from my Tata, but not when it comes to the really serious shit, like initiations! There goes another $3,000. For WHAT?

I used to be a FOOL and think, yes, it’s for animals, herbs and all for ceremonial work. Is it really? To help pay people who are helping out? Fuck if I know.

I did not get regular attention from my Tata. We barely kept in contact and it saddened me a lot. There were times I genuinely needed his advice and he wasn’t there for me. And you know what else I found out? He had no nganga, so he can’t initiate anyway! How frustrating is this??!!!

What are pitfalls of the ATR’s? (Santeria, Ifa and Palo – not including the ones I don’t know about)

  1. You have to follow every word of your Tata/Padrino/Baba etc. like they are god.
  2. You cannot charge your own magical tools.
  3. You cannot do your own magical rituals without being initiated. (That is what I’ve been told by other Paleros; I’ve done them anyway)
  4. They, for the most part, do not accept homosexuality. I find this despicable. I am pro-LBGTQ.
  5. Most of the ATR’s are patriarchal. You do what the man says. No questions.
  6. The only way to get true knowledge is through initiation – therefore there is no other way to learn, such as from books – This is mostly true in Palo.
  7. In Ifa, if you are interested in sorcery, you get in trouble. Sorcery is bad. Go read the Oriki’s and pray to the Orishas. Wear white and always cover your head. No cemeteries!

This is a goddamned rant. If your ass don’t like it, don’t bother me with comments because I’ll just fucking tear you apart. I’m so pissed at what I thought would be opportunities for me. It was a farce. Take my money and do nothing! Fuck off.


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