Learning and Loving it

Though it’s been almost 16 years since my initial initiation into Demonolatry, I’m still seeing new things happen. Perhaps it has to do with my long departure from it; I’m feeling the love from the Demonic side and I’m giving love back. 🙂 I’m learning a lot from my students, actually. I was really disconnected. No wonder it took awhile to bring me back into the fold. I had some failures going back into Demonolatry in the last seven years. Only because my Palo godfather’s have let me hang out to dry with nothing to do and no lessons were taught. I sought the Demons when my lessons were left to slag. I’m not just going to sit there, wait forever to hear from my godfather in a text message because he never answered his phone and some of the things were critically important. I felt abandoned. I’m not exaggerating either. Palo is the kind of religion where community is important because you can’t do anything solitarily.

My approach to the Demons is now different than in the past too. I always felt that they are ‘replete with wisdom’ and such, but I was never really able to access that wisdom completely, only momentarily. Now I can receive the sage advice and follow it. I have more faith in the Demons. I had one therapist that I could talk to about my religion. I dared not to mention it to any other mental health people because they’d think of me as mad. My therapist was into alternative beliefs and shamanism. So he would give me a little homework, tell me to meditate with the Demons to feel less depressed or angry. Not a lot of therapists are like this. Most of them would immediately get you to a psychiatrist and have them prescribe you antipsychotic drugs and stick you in the loony bin.

I pretty much learn something new daily. It’s really cool. I love it. It’s like a big mystery. But it’s not. 🙂


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  1. LOL, I have been told to do the exact opposite by some well-intentioned practitioners. That is to stay away from them for a while when I was going through a terrible stage of depression.


    1. I know, I’ve been told the same by certain practitioners. My therapist thought that was counterintuitive. He told me to go to them and see if they can offer any help or comfort in my time of need. I think as long as it’s not a really dark or negative Demon, that it’s fine to do this. I’ve had Leviathan bring me out of deep depressions.


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