Demonic Stuff

My new group is going really well. I talked to my long time friend and we decided to make him High Priest, with me as High Priestess. Now Lucifthan is balanced and complete. I’m sure there will be more members but we have training to do for our current new members – we have enough!

I’m feeling more up close and personal with the Demons. I had a little bit of a distance mode for a bit, but that went away. I think they were feeling me out to see if I was sincere. I’m very serious about this. I’m rededicating to Leviathan on the First Rite to Leviathan. I ordered a very special pendant for this ritual. A keepsake of my devotion.

I can’t believe this summer it will be 16 years since I was initiated into Demonolatry. June 9, 2001.



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