Random Ramblings: Ideas Simmering

I’ve got some things up my sleeve…hehehehe. Thanks to my wonderful, encouraging apprentices, they have given me ideas on what to write. 🙂 I’m quite pleased. They are great people, I’m lucky that they have found me. I didn’t go looking for them, if that’s what people think. I’m not a recruiter. I’m not going to out write anyone either. My subjects are meant to be a bit on the different side…stuff that hasn’t really been addressed in popular books about Demonolatry. These projects will take me a long time because I JUST STARTED brainstorming them. I am not in competition with anyone. As I just said, I’m coming from another side of the platform.

I will need help to enliven my vision from the Demons themselves. This project could not be possible without them. I got the idea from a divination session with Avnas (otherwise known as Amy). Avnas pitched the idea, I already had some of it, but he told me HOW I should do it. This book is going to be fully worked before it’s written and printed. It’s going to also be only available by PAPERBACK. I am sick of all of these people passing around eBooks illegally!


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