Things Differ

My practice has had a bit of a shakeup. Going from full on Palo back to Demonolatry, it’s not been really fast, but it was a process. Things changed. The energies are different and I’m adjusting to the Demons again. Between Demonolatry and Palo, the energies are not on the same level. Neither has more power, but Palo is more primal. There’s more nature to it. Demonolatry feels more intellectual to me, more in the temple – meditating, contemplating and looking for symbols. Each one has it’s own merit and great evocative feel to it. You cannot combine them – there is no doubt there. Nope don’t even try it. I never have and never will because the forces are SO different.

I’m still getting used to these changes, of which I am not completely ready. I have to keep my mind on the Demons and my boveda. This is a practice I have kept from my ATR practice. My group members keep one too, because it is beneficial to maintain closeness with your ancestors. Plus its a living altar. It is a portal, a vortex. It’s nice to have them. And nothing bad comes in through it. If it tries, your ancestors will block it. Generally a 7 day candle or water glass breakage happens. I’ve had two candles break on me.

Even if your ancestors “might not like it,” they will not mind the cold water and light from candles. It feeds them with energy and peace. It elevates them. That’s the goal with the Dead.

I’m working intensely with a few Demons right now. A special case, scenario. I honestly hope something good happens.

Things also differ in other areas. I don’t work with the Demons the same way anymore. It’s just evolved. I’ve done Demonic readings for years, even through my Palo years. I’ve always maintained a strong connection with them through Ashtaroth and Delepitoré. It’s not like I’ve been in hibernation at all. My powers are still there, I can work with any other Demonolator out there, seasoned or new.

I have no other Demonolator to prove myself to. I have no one to worry about. No one has higher power than me. We’re all just working. I have experienced a lot of things that other people have not, just because I was spiritually opened by Paleros. Yes, there is a BIG almost monumental comparison. Kimpungulu are not like Demons. The Dead are not like Demons, but my style of “NecroStuff” is also a monumental difference from others. Not traditional whatsoever.


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