Back in Demonolatry

It feels pretty good to be back in Demonolatry. For years now, the Demons have been popping into my life. Here and there and everywhere. They’ve never been completely gone, even when I’ve worked Ifá or Palo. I actually got in trouble in Ifá because of my sorcerous ways. That was back in 2011. I’ve always gone back to the Demons when things go awry. Something Demonic has always wanted me around!

I’ve got a lot of work to do. Personal magic mostly. I love working for people though. And doing readings. I’ve gotten a lot better with readings. I still don’t use tarot cards, but I use the Demonic sigil cards that I got from, plus channeling, ascension, automatic writing and scrying. I do some scary accurate readings now.

I now have a wonderful group of people to work with, my little group, Lucifthan. It’s a four member group now (including me). The sexes are balanced, which is great. Two men, two women. I have a very gifted member who is extremely psychic and another member who knows his way around CM (ceremonial magic), plus he was born as a natural magician like me.

One of the highlights is finding other people that I click with on FB. Some may say, “Oh they are youngster dabblers.” No, they are not. They are finding their way and learning things their own way. And NOT EVERYONE buys into the “family sects” thing. It’s right for them to ask, to investigate – not just take it for gospel.

Check out other forms of Satanism too. 🙂 That’s my advice, before jumping into a bloodletting tradition like Demonolatry. Also, check out invocation vs. evocation. Demonolatry is Demon worship. Don’t get this confused with reverse Christianity.


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