Things have been changing around me since I’ve grasped Demonolatry again. A new faith in the Demons has made me stronger. It’s still a slow process. It’s like I’m a student again, because there are a lot more books/pdf’s out there now to check out. Some of the stuff is like, oh god, this is bad…I don’t have great respect for Michael Ford or any of the Qayin stuff. Sorry, just not my cup of tea. I never do things verbatim out of a book.

I always switch things around to fit my style. I mean, there is Demonic LBRP’s now. Not my thing. I do things my way, and since I’ve had a lot of experiences I can write my own rituals. The coming equinox I have planned, I have my students performing the rite with me, from their temples. Lucifer is all up in my face right now because his rite is coming up, so he’s prominent. I have things set up for a patron ritual soon. Got a lot of magic to do.

Well, since I’ve gotten only a couple people for the Love Giveaway, I’ve chosen my winner. Sorry folks that didn’t talk soon enough….


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