Random Ramblings: Exciting!

I’m excited to see the left hand path expanding. It was just starting to when I left Demonolatry in 2008. Even though I did practice Demonolatry sometimes on holy days, I was not doing any left hand path reading. I was into Palo and Ifá at that time.  I only worked with Ifá for awhile, but not liking the rules, I went back to Palo. I still technically have my godfather and he said he’d initiate me when he’s ready. But I don’t know if I feel like spending money like that. Demonolatry and other left hand paths don’t charge that much, if anything at all.

The only problem with Demonolatry is that it can become “self-created.” The openness of being able to do what you want is fine. But I think too many people like to self-stylize it and take out the meaningful parts. I’ve only seen this a few times, and not with the people I see on Facebook. They are pretty smart and know what they’re doing, Thank Demons! They kick out the ones who are just looking for evocation and other undesirables.

People probably wonder why I went back to Demonolatry. Well, it’s for private reasons, but I can say some of it. I didn’t want to feel restricted anymore. Palo is restrictive because as a student, you don’t learn much. You have to be “scratched” to learn. Another reason is monetary. I am a frugal person, who lives on Social Security benefits and my money is practically gone by the time I pay bills. And again, the Demons popped up. During rough times, Ashtaroth would come to me, or Delepitore. My divination would say that I was stuck in the mire. That wasn’t very appealing.

My mind has opened up completely since my young days as a Demonolatress. I’m in my late thirties now and have no more time to fuck around. I want a set belief system. As much as I loved the kimpungulu, there was always a separation. Not being initiated was holding me back considerably.

I don’t have to worry about that in Demonolatry. I was initiated and baptized in 2001.  June 9th to be exact. And there is a ton of room to grow! Without restriction. I complained I was restricted in Demonolatry – but it was all my mind. So much more information is out there now.

There is a younger crowd getting into Demonolatry. It’s nice to see fresh faces.


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