Magical Tools

Just wanted to talk about magical tools for some reason. Some people hardly use any. Others use a ton. I’m in the middle, but I do tend to keep tools around anyway. I like having symbols around me. Chalices, cauldrons, candelabra, daggers, knives, swords. When I was a beginner, I only happened upon some tools that my brother had. A wand and a dagger. He was studying Golden Dawn at one time. The wand was the “fire wand” from that tradition and the dagger was double edged, dull and the hilt was painted black.

Those are my first magical tools. Later on, I began to collect more and more. I think I may have more up in my dad’s garage.

Some prefer the minimal approach. That’s fine too. There is no power in a tool unless you put it in there. Or someone else has. If you receive a new tool that hasn’t been marked with any energy, make sure you mark it with yours. The more you use the tool, the more of your energy is on it. You don’t need to carry tools on you, or sleep with them. Maybe jewelry, but not magical altar tools.

So what’s a basic tool kit for magic? It varies between traditions. For ATR’s it’s different, and I don’t want to explain that. Most of the tools used are ordinary, but there are certain things you need. I’m going to explain basic magical tools for Brujas.

  • The Dagger- (Element: Air) Used for invocation of Demons or other beings. A second smaller dagger can be used for cutting things.
  • The Wand- (Element: Fire) Also used for invocation and controlling/directing energy.
  • The Chalice- (Element: Water) Obviously the water element.
  • The Pentacle- (Element: Earth) Not only does it represent Earth, it also represents Spirit and is an excellent device for charging objects.
  • Candle Sticks – Have at least two candles on your altar. A central candle is advised to, usually thicker. It serves as a focus candle. It’s usually black or purple.
  • Incense Burner – Self-explanatory.
  • Bowl or chalice of salt, bowl or chalice of water.
  • Burning bowl – You should have a safe bowl or cauldron to burn your parchment requests.
  • Prayer Cord – These are unique to Demonolatry. It is a cord made with nine knots, which is made of several different things. You can use leather, beads, whatever you feel comfortable with. This is a tool for meditation and prayer.

Here is another pic of my Demonic altar.

Personally, you can make your altar whatever way you want. It doesn’t have to look like mine a all. This is just an example, but the basics I wrote are for beginning magicians. You also don’t *need* all of the tools. Basically you need the elemental tools. Which you can get the basics. You can use actual soil for earth, incense for air, a cup of water for water, and use your finger as a dagger. So no worries! You don’t have to wait until you have all the tools.


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