Random Ramblings: A Grimiore & About Grimiores

I was made privy to this grimiore: Liber Assaselis, and I’m thinking about it. It’s rather interesting. There’s not a whole lot of it talked about on the internet, so I’ve noticed. The friend of mine who happened to mention it has completed the ritual. He had good results. I wish I was alone for a period of time so I could do the ritual without disturbance. The way the PDF is makes it difficult to see the pages correctly too. Highly informative grimiore.

The one critical item you need is a black mirror or a black crystal ball. It’s a scrying ritual, but it also utilizes the Dead. Fascinating. You could read it off and say, “Oh, more Christian grimiore shit.” There is some mysterious stuff in this grimiore. And my friend had some crazy stuff happen to him and nearby him.

About Grimiores

Well, what I have to say is that if you read my grimiore you may find some useful information and notes but it will mostly be useless. Why? It’s my personal magic. It’s probably not going to work for you. I write down the things I do for others in it too. And results are important. My grimiores have no system to them. I just write down what I’m doing.


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