Random Ramblings: Wow

I’m surprised no one has taken up my offer of free love work, by JUST making some comments about my blog. Do people think I can’t do it or something? I can, and I’m good at it. WTF? Oh well. The expiry is March 12th.

People just amaze me. I talk to them through email, they ask complicated questions and then I get a one word response. I am not entirely pleased with that. If your going to have a conversation with me, fucking talk (write). I’m a serious person who likes to write email.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, but there are really ignorant ones. Seems like people don’t want to ask me shit. What? Am I too aggressive or scary? I’m not really. I’m a cordial nice person most of the time. I’m only a bitch if I’m bitched at.

I really encourage people to talk to me. I’ve got good things to say and I don’t beat down newbies. I’m patient, caring and ultimately on your side. I’m not a haughty, grand poo-bah of magic. I’m nothing like any of the people on demonolatry.org. I’m not rude like a lot of Palero/as I’ve met with. I don’t doubt anyone until they have caused me to do so.


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