This is a topic that I have to deal with, and probably others need to deal with too. When you’re working with the darker side of life, magic and such, some have negativity that builds up. This is absolutely true, I don’t care if you reject this notion. What happens is that an imbalance occurs. It really develops when you don’t work with the positive aspects of the beings (like Demons). This does not happen to everyone. It materializes in people who are extra sensitive.

My godfather says that I have to do solar invocations/prayers. I am trying to, but solar to me are like the Kings in the Goetia, like Belial. The Winter solstice is his, and it’s a time of rebirth, fire, new beginnings and so forth. He’s talking Christian type invocations/prayers. Not my thing. I should see if I can do it with Belial, because I received a prayer for him last night when I was automatic writing.

I’m also supposed to wear all white sometimes too, but I hate white because I get it dirty immediately. I’m always in black. I do go out in white occasionally and I will wear a white bandana on my head to the cemetery.

Anyway, ways to get rid of the negativity are banishing rituals, road openings, spiritual baths, and healings with a person who specifies work in this field. You can’t get rid of it with just sage. You need black candles, white candles and a heavy resinous incense such as church or Jerusalem incense. Clean your house top to bottom, yourself and go into a period of rest. One to two weeks is usually sufficient. Do no magic, just prayers and meditation. I know how to take care of this stuff. I guess my godfather doesn’t see that I can.








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