Seems Like I’m A Demonolatress These Days…

It seems like I’ve reverted back to being a Demonolatress these days. I do still have the Palo work going, the altars, etc. But I’ve gotten more attention from Demons. They have been listening more it seems. I don’t know if I could actually say I practice Demonolatry again, because of people who say I’m “not stable.” I am stable. I’ve spent at least seven years in Palo studies that have gone nowhere really. I’m no closer to initiation than I ever was. My old godfather won’t talk to me, he refused to. He doesn’t think I belong in Palo.

But…my current godfather says that’s bullshit. I don’t know anymore. My godfather barely talks to me. I feel like a second class citizen who doesn’t deserve to be talked to. I get NO advice. Fucking depressing.

So I go to the Demons for comfort. And for magic. They talk to me, they understand. Demonolatry is in my wheelhouse anyways. Am I coming back to it? If stuff doesn’t get better, I may.

My core beliefs have never changed. I’m not some wishy-washy person who “changes religions like their underwear.” The stress of not knowing Palo is making me go back to what I DO know. And I DO know Demons. I have the same feelings toward them, but in my other posts, it sounds like I don’t. I was covering up my true feelings so no one would know that Palo is not working for me right now, at least spiritually. I’m getting more satisfaction working with Demons…


2 thoughts on “Seems Like I’m A Demonolatress These Days…

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  1. I have refrained from working with the demons to undergo certain healing process. In the meantime I have been considering other traditions to work with. I don’t know why but I seem to be drawn to the demons again and again. I still miss the ones I used to work with. My experience tells me that demons are very responsive towards me. I can’t seem to form the same opinion about other spirits.


    1. Things do get imbalanced when just working with Demons, I’ve noticed. I don’t know why no other Demonolator experiences this or talks about it. Some people are more likely to suck up negativity. My godfather who isn’t a Demonolator told me to do certain solar work to balance myself. He works a different Demonic tradition that is still a secret…unless I eventually write a book about it. He also doesn’t believe blood should be given to Demons…I don’t agree with him fully. But at this point, I do believe I need some positivity.


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