Just Another Spirit Pot Post

People are still interested in Spirit Pots. I see the hits on my blog. I imagine people are going about trying to make one and probably not having much success; or people are learning to maintain a boveda or ancestor altar. Which would be rather good. You really have to be prepared for this feat. Open for the spirits, but protected. If you are a natural medium, I do suggest a medium’s necklace, which I’ve mentioned in my book, Memento Mori. Mine was an eleke, which is a necklace that Santero/as wear. I suggest making your own with beads and charms. Use skulls, purple and black beads, the fancier the better. You could make it completely out of smoky quartz crystals and amethyst crystals. This necklace will help you balance your energies, when charged properly.

The best way to charge it is to take it to the cemetery. Wear white on your head. Grab Florida water, a tiny bottle of rum, and a jasmine incense stick. Go on a nice, DRY day. Find the heart of the cemetery or hide if you need to. Sit upon the ground, stick the incense in it and light. Swirl the necklace in the incense smoke. Pour a little Florida water on your hand and onto the necklace, blessing it to the Dead. Have a conversation with the Dead while you are there, tell them what your necklace means. If someone is with you, just say it in your mind. They will hear you. Put the necklace on. On the way out of the cemetery, thank the Dead and pour rum on the ground near the gate. Leave and don’t look back. When not in use, keep it in a black pouch, hidden.

Wear this necklace when you make your Spirit Pot and when you use it. Do not sleep with it or wear it during sexual relations.

I’m making this post about Spirit Pots and the Mediums Necklace because they go hand in hand. I thought this might be interesting. You can attach other charms to your necklace too. Little pentacles, pentagrams, moons, ankhs, ghosts, etc. Cleanse the necklace regularly with cigar smoke or Myrrh and Solomon’s Seal incense. It’s a somewhat Saturnian necklace, so that’s why I say Myrrh and Solomon’s Seal.

There is something NEW I’ve discovered – and I’m not writing another book about Spirit Pots…I’m posting it here in my blog for everyone to see. The Spirit Pot should be set upon the First Pentacle of Saturn. “This Pentacle is of great value and utility for striking terror into the Spirits. Wherefore, upon its being shown to them they submit, and kneeling upon the earth before it, they obey.” “Striking terror” is a little bit extreme. It depends on the spirit. A spirit who is more accepting won’t need terror. Other spirits who don’t want to work will have some terror. If you build a Pot though, your going to want the agreeable spirits. This square works like a sieve – it tends to drain out the unwanted or negative spirits that you don’t want for your pot.

It is up to your discretion about who to gather and what you feel from spirits. Go with your gut. Ask the spirit. Pendulum’s are the best tool for this. If you have clairvoyance or another type of intuitive power, you may just *know* if you’re getting the right spirit or not.

The Spirit Pot IS a spirit vessel, but it is also tied into a part of nature. It carries natures power, because of the things you put into it. It’s all elemental. A Spirit Pot made correctly has all of the elements inside of it. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The sigil on the bottom of the pot MUST be fixed with wax so it doesn’t get removed by other ingredients on the way in.

I have explained how to use the pot in my book. That’s why I’m not bothering to print it here. I don’t care to repeat myself. My book isn’t that expensive on Kindle and it’s a pretty interesting read.

I’ll probably come up with some more tidbits on Spirit Pots in the future.


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