Secrets of a Sorceress

Think of the things that people practice during magical operations. Everyone does things differently. Personally, I’ll share quite a bit, but some things are too personal to divulge. One of my secrets is to find old books. Not old grimiores or books that are sold at Barnes & Noble. I find lots of used books that talk about the old ways of witches, some that come from many years ago and were abandoned. I adapt things I find out and use them. I rarely use substitutes in my magic. I just won’t attempt dumb rituals that don’t seem feasible.

As I’ve said before, much of my magic relies on a type of sympathetic magic. Like attracts like. I have my own memorized correspondence lists for everything I do. My own colors, herbs, stones and things like that. I don’t use other people’s associations. Sure, I started there, but I moved on and did my own. You have to figure out things on your own. What works, what doesn’t.

One of my greatest allies are the planetary hours and days of the week for magic, instead of the Full Moon or New Moon. I like to have a lot more choices when to do magic. It just opens up a lot more timing for rituals. Say you need the willpower to write. You could pick Wednesday during a Mars hour. Wednesday being the day of communicative Mercury, and Mars, being the firey willpower.

When I do something, I project power from my body upon an object, a prayer, or into whatever goal I have. You visualize what you want in clarity. There’s no “please help me” or “give me this or else…” no shit like that. Just focus on what you want. Exactly. Right down to what he smells like (for instance).

One surefire quick way to make magic work is through “manual manipulation”, as I like to call it. It’s not always a guarantee, but it works! The manual manipulation is otherwise known as masturbation. It has to be done with focus on the magical outcome, precisely to the point of orgasm. That’s when the power “comes out” of you. 🙂 Not trying to be perverted. Just remember – this is a way to manifest magic too! There are TONS of options.

Sorceresses need to be open to all avenues!



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