Going well

My magic is going well. I have all positive omens. I think I’ll keep using the Demonic circle because it holds more energy. Plus I get more messages from the Demons. The other day, there was a falcon on my fence and it didn’t move at all. It jut sat there staring at my husband and I. It just stared at us. They aren’t usually that docile. I thought it might be someone’s pet. Dunno. Getting lots of bird omens, which is appropriate for the Demon I’m working with. During ritual, there were birds attacking my bedroom window. Kind of strange. But they are omens nonetheless. It has to do with the Goetia Demon I’m invoking.

I hope things work out.


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  1. I get bird omens too seriously! Everytime I’m either about to do Magick or thinking about it….I hear a large crow and when in our sunroom I see it. It’s so unusual for a crow to come that close around here but it does. I adore birds. Of course we have heaps of seagulls during the day along with many different Australian native birds also.We can all learn a lot from birds including Divination and spirit work of all kinds of course like you’ve mentioned above. Nature can guide us so well!🦅⭐🦅


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