The Demons (Experiences, How to Connect)

And, now into another post. This is about Demons, generally, and with my experiences.

It is so easy these days to find information about Demons, their worship and reverence. Everyone should know why. It’s public now, since 1997, when Tezrian’s Vault came onto the fledgling and tiny internet. There are great books available now, so anyone can read about Demonolatry (the worship of Demons). There is a TON of information on it, compared to when I came online.

My learning came about kind of slow. It’s good that I got connected to the old Demonolatry University and took the classes. And I bought Modern Demonolatry. It was very simple. Less than a year after I got MD (now CBOD), I dedicated myself to Leviathan.

Demons are special beings. They are not evil or good. Shades of grey, I’d say. And they will help you if called upon properly. Want to know a way to connect with them? This is how I did it.

Make yourself a prayer cord – it can be leather or whatever material you like. Tie nine knots into it. If you know how to do a circle, that’s the best atmosphere for this little ritual. When you tie the knots, make little prayers to each of the Nine Divinities. (I know there are Goetic ones somewhere) Then to make it extra special, get some blood on each knot. Just don’t let anyone else touch it.

Use the prayer cord. Say a prayer, or a little chant about what you need. Take a piece of parchment (I use cut up brown paper bags or tracing paper) draw the sigil of the Demon on the parchment (preferably in Dragon’s blood ink). Add a little blood (three drops should suffice). Burn it in your burning bowl. Lift your bowl and say a little prayer. Something about being bonded by blood. Make it up as you go along.

That’s one way to connect with them. You can cast a Demonic circle (look in the CBOD for instructions) and meditate, try to communicate in many different ways. I have luck with automatic writing, Ouija, pendulum, and ascension (for the more advanced).

I am no longer making oleums for the Demonolatry community, but I will if someone asks me. I get the term, “By Demonolators, for Demonolators.” It doesn’t mean I cannot make the oleums, but I’ll let them handle it.

I do have one oil on my Etsy page, Rites of Belphegore. It’s a little early for it, but it’s steeping right now. It’s in a cold, dark place. This oil is for anointing sacred candles, objects devoted to Belphegore and to put on when you bleed on the ground. If you bleed on the ground for these certain three days, Belphegore will give you a prosperous year.

Why do I still work with Demons, although I work with Palo?

Because Demons became second nature to me. They’ve always been there to help me, look after me. They are just there. Plus I have two people under my wing right now, in my group Lucifthan. I wanted to show a picture of the High Priest, but I cannot locate him and don’t want to put his face on the internet.

I add the Demons to my practice for extra energy, and they can do some things I cannot do in Palo right now. I think that’s a good reason.


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