In My Search…Once Again

In my top searches, I got “spirit pot hoodoo.” The Spirit Pots NAME came from a hoodoo BOOK, by Ray Malborugh. But my Spirit Pots ARE NOT hoodoo. They actually have NOTHING to do with hoodoo at all. None of the ingredients are hoodoo in origin. It’s similar to a govi pot but it does NOT hold the soul of the initiate. It houses the muerto/a, a human spirit gathered from a cemetery. There are all kinds of spirit vessels that exist, but my version of a Spirit Pot is completely different. I’m telling people how to do this in the safest way possible. Remember King Solomon had a vessel of spirits/Demons. So anyway, I don’t want to talk about Spirit Pots anymore…this search kind of pissed me off, because I don’t want anything to do with Spirit Pots or fucking hoodoo, sorry folks.

Also, in other posts, I said I would help with Spirit Pots if anyone was interested. Sorry – I will not help anymore. I’m NOT taking questions.


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  1. Hi Jen,

    I think that’s fair enough too Jen. No Spirit Pots mean “NO SPIRIT POTS PEOPLE CAN’T YOU. READ”? Seriously some people are really starting to get to me too because they just don’t get it when a Magickal practitioner tells them that they “won’t discuss or do something for them that they want” and that should be that right!
    Sometimes I just don’t get what some people out there don’t understand about the word…No. I respect your decision totally and so should everybody else whom reads your blog. But hey there are always some stubborn uneducated people and trolls whom won’t give up their questions and messages no matter what you tell them.

    For instance there for me ATM there is this lady that keeps on emailing me that she wants me to do some type of Magick that will permanently injure or kill her unfaithful man. I’ve said “no to her….three times now” and as that’s a sacred number. 3X3 I believe that will be the last I hear from her now, hopefully. It had better be….if your reading this lady!
    I’ve recommended binding to her perhaps but no more than that. I’m not going to do it for her either. She can do it herself or find someone else because I don’t and never will practise what I believe is evil Magick especially on somebody whom IMHO doesn’t deserve it. Not now not ever for any amount of money!!!
    I believe that our ethics in how and what we practise in with our Magick is not only part of our belief systems but it is basically part of whom we are deep inside. This of course is reflected in how we live our entire lives not only with those around us but also within nature itself.

    I’ve been catching up with quite a few of your videos too atm and think they are really good, informative and true to whom you really are. I didn’t realise that I hadn’t subscribed to your channel but I have now.
    I’ve been behind with many things online as we had no modem/wifi or phones for nearly 7 weeks and over Xmas & New Year as well. It’s a long story but it truly made me focus far more on my spirituality in general. As well as reading, studying, journaling and writing far more. I even spent more time in the cemetery and for me it has been a truly cathartic experience not having technology for so long.

    I was sorry to hear your recent one though about being so disappointed although I can understand why. I also understand that your getting back into Demonolatry. I think that is great especially as I know the Palo rituals that are the real deal cost a lot of money. I can understand why it frustrates you as I would feel the same if it were me too.
    Also just paying for the trip there and accommodation etc. plus the ritual itself must cost thousands of dollars right. Also in countries like Cuba or Mexico you have to make sure that your really safe too as that’s really important. If it were me as much as I’d want to go no matter what the obstacles: I wouldn’t go without my husband or a reliable friend or family member because it can be really risky in those places sometimes for foreigners. I’m sure that you know all of this already as the U.S, is far closer to these countries than I am on the other side of the world. Lol

    Even though I’m the other side of the world from Haiti I’m fascinated by Haitian Voudoun ATM. I’ve been reading about it a lot for months now. I also find al, the Loa fascinating that’s for sure. Obviously in Australia it would be really hard to know of any Haitians that even live here? Let alone any whom are into teaching Voudoun? But then again I’ve learnt a lot from being online, ordering a few books and watching documentaries and genuine YouTube videos about it too.
    Maybe if the refugee/migrant scheme goes ahead that was talked about in the U.S. awhile back goes ahead? Then we may have people from Haiti and South America relocated here? Time will tell I’m sure.
    Now that Trump is sworn in as President, I sincerely hope that everything improves for those in the U.S. As well as her allies like us and the world too.

    Anyway I hope that your having a better week now!

    Take Care my Friend,

    Blessed Be,



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