Readings and Magical Work REALLY Updated (as of 1/16/17)

The Boneyard

Hello blog readers.


This is an opportunity that can change your life. I can work with the Dead or Kimpungulu to aid you in just about any kind of want or need. But first, I have requirements for clients. First of all, before we go into  into the requirements, I have to divine to find out whether I can work with you. Either the spirits say yes or no. If yes, we can start. If no, I’ll look more no into the situation and see what’s wrong. That does not guarantee that I’ll work.

  1. You have to be clear about what EXACTLY you want; if you have more than one need, make it known. I don’t want to discover this later.
  2. DO NOT work with other magicians, Witches, diviners, and what not when you are working with me. The energies will…

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