I’m really disappointed and discouraged right now. Even though my godfather will have work for me to do, I don’t know when. He told me what, but I can’t get any info out of him. What is it with these different people we come across on these ATR paths? Some are real – I know my godfather is legit. But slow right now. And it irks me cos I got better shit to do! I feel held back. That’s why I’m disappointed. And the cost. Again, in a video, frustrated below.

If you wanna say Palo isn’t my path, stuff it. It is. It’s been confirmed by my Tata and a couple other Tata’s I’ve come across in the last six years I’ve been studying. The reason I only have a Lucero is because I couldn’t afford and be allowed to go to Mexico or Cuba ALONE to have a rayamiento ceremony. My husband forbade me. I wasn’t finding many reputable and semi-affordable Tata’s in the US until I met my current Tata, who is only an hour plane flight away from me.


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