But! I have the Demons on my side! Decarabia sent me a dream last night. I was holding a fine copy of the Goetia in my hands. I was looking for the right Demon to call upon for a ceremony of some kind. I can’t ignore things like this, can I? I wasn’t getting much for dreams for the last week. Last night was different.

I’m getting messages again. I was reading my Demonic cards yesterday. I also started a ritual with a particular Demon yesterday for a very important purpose. It’s a heavy one, so it’s going kind of slow, but steady right now. I’m hoping that this ritual will help us a big deal. Dealing with the VA is the worst thing in the world for me. I went back on a certain medication so I don’t have knots in my stomach, anxiety and anger all the time. I’m full of vitriol, and they know it. I’ve written some messages to them. They’re supposed to write back and haven’t. My husband has an appointment on the 17th so I’m going with him. It’s a pharmacy type appointment to discuss meds. That’s my wheelhouse.

If I don’t have Palo work to do, I’ll just remain in the Demon zone. LOL. Any path I’m on has to have an ancestor work basis. I’m not claiming either religion to be my own. I was initiated into Demonolatry and dedicated. I feel as if it is my default setting because I spent so long in it.

But does this mean I won’t go into Palo if I have the chance? Hell no! I will, surely, yes!


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