How Does My Magic Work?

I’ve probably hacked this subject to death, but a really *friendly* (check out the sarcasm) Palero commented in my blog and it made me look into how my magic works even more. He’s like “you can’t do this, you aren’t initiated.” “You can’t have an mpungo altar.” Uh, yes I can. I’ve mentioned time and again that I’m licensed through my godfather to do magic and rites with the mpungo. And yes, it’s them. Not any “lower level” being. I’m sure my ancestors help too, but I can feel the power of Palo, and I haven’t tapped into what can be unleashed yet. Just some basics. I was always good at magic, despite who I worked with.

The process I go through has many layers. I try to cover all bases. I use sensory tools, such as candles, oils, and incense. I write requests, magical squares or sigils/firmas. The prayer, chants, and meditation come with the ritual, naturally. I also perform mindfulness when I do my magic. I don’t know if people do this or not. Some people would say, “Don’t think about the magic.” Well, with mindfulness, your not thinking or harping on the magic result. You are just thinking: “Yes, the candles are lit, my parchment is laid, everything is in order and so is my magic.” Something like this.

It’s all symbolic, sympathetic magic. In Palo, magic differs, and I can’t really explain here. I don’t know everything about it. I’m just a student, so there are a lot of secrets I don’t know yet.

So my magic works on different factors. My work that I put into it and the energy I create. With the blessings of the mpungo it goes into the atmosphere and manifests.


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  1. Whilst I’m no expert on Palo it’s because of your blog that I’ve read a lot more about it than I ever have before. It’s a fascinating belief system and goes back such a long, long way. Of course all the ATR’s do and are just incredible. The more I read about them, the more I want to know but because of where I live that is not very easy at all.

    However I know a lot about the beliefs of the indigenous people of Australia. Our proud “Aboriginal people’s culture goes back approximately 60,000 years”. They say it’s the oldest culture on earth. The Dream time, the stories, beliefs, their magic and their art of the Aboriginal people is just incredible because everything to them is sacred. So it should be to all of us. My point is that I learnt a lot about them and their beliefs from my study and working with them as a Youth Worker. Anyhow I really loved all my Aboriginal lads they were all such characters and they were all survivors no matter what they had been through. I truly miss them a lot now I’m no longer working with them.

    Anyway my point is that I believe that you can do a lot, a real lot even though your not initiated yet. Don’t let any of these so called “Palero”s” get you down as you know that your licensed through your Godfather”! Simple end of story to them. Those who knock other’s IMHO are not proper magical practitioners of any kind. What they are is sad jealous little wimps who have no idea what they are even doing. They wish that they had our gift of being able to communicate and see spirits. Demons/daemons, angels and other entities but they don’t. So whilst those of us who can are busy with our spirituality and making changes in our world – these sad “palero’s” are not.

    I really get the feeling that these other Palero’s are probably jealous of what you can do even without initiation. Don’t let these idiots get you down because their not worth it.
    The fact that you go through so many layers with your Magic tells me that you can do magic with the Mpungo and that your Ancestors are always with you always especially your Mother. I “feel that you can do anything that you truly want to, to truly make your magic manifest”.

    Also mindfulness is something that not many people can master but I you I can Thanks to being taught Tibetan Buddhism for nearly three years from Tibetan Monks, A Nun and a Tibetan Lama whom was once a teacher to the Dalai Lama himself. I studied from 1996-Jan.1999. I nearly converted as they were all so beautiful, compassionate, intelligent and full of love. You’ve probably read why I didn’t convert in the end in one of my blogs perhaps?

    But to cut a long story short the Lama looked deeply into my eyes quietly and said: “You still believe in a Creator being of some kind and although your Buddhist practises are exemplary you should not be a Buddhist”. At first this totally broke my heart but after quite a lot of soul searching I realised that he was right. That’s when I left all mainstream religions and looked into all things occult, I went on from there on a quite crazy journey to be honest. However my point is that nobody has ever taught me mindfulness, meditation or the Death meditation or the Meditation of the Bardo like they did.

    I’ve also found without criticising that many Witches, Magicians & Others don’t know how to deeply meditate in a truly mindful manner or the Death/Bardo meditations either. Which is quite sad because they are missing out on a lot because Witchcraft is not always about getting together drumming & then ecstatically dancing. Sometimes it is yes….but sometimes all of that achieves is nothing but people having a good time…..which is fine. However what magic or purpose does it achieve in the end? From what I’ve seen 9 times out of 10…nothing. Like you I know extensively about Buddhism from Tibetan to Zen.

    Anyway if your mindful I believe, in fact I know that you can almost achieve anything with the power of the mind. Without the power of the mind? Everything else is useless and people may as well not bother, The whole point of religious practices like rituals and mantras etc. is to make your mind mindful…..because without mindfulness….there is nothing.

    Totally agree with you on “how your magic works….because so does mine”.

    Blessed Be,

    Love Caz.⭐❤🌙🐬🌺xo


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