Change is coming…

Changes are coming. Yeah…tarot reading said so. I use tarot online because I don’t read the cards. I think I’ve mentioned that tarot cards are not my cup of tea. But I feel that they can be helpful for divination because they are still very significant. There are a lot of cards in my reading that make sense, the last card, being Death, tells me that I’m going to be getting a big change, plus some other cards too.

I got notification from my godfather of things our temple will be doing, so I’ll have some new things to do, which is nice.

I was getting pissed and impatient with him, but he has been working really hard to get his munanso working for us. I felt like I was bothering him, but he said “No bother.” I felt like a troublesome bitch. LOL.

So, does this mean I’m not going to be working with Demons? Hell no! I will always be working with Demons. I never meant to sound like I was ‘returning’ to Demonolatry. But I did say when I’m not very involved with my Palo activities, I will go to the Demons and do work. And lets not forget my group and student. Um, yeah.

I hope I get scratched this year.


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