Random Ramblings: Almost Exclusively Demons

At this point in my magical career, I’ve been depending on Demons more than the mpungo. But I still work with them, particularly Lucero and Mama Chola Wengue. I’m diving more into the Goetia right now and into what I thought would be my Demonolatry past. I guess the Demonolatry never leaves once initiated into it, but it goes into the background if you find another path you think may be it. I’m going to admit that I am unsure of how my Palo future is going to be, if I’ll get initiated or not. It makes me rather sad. It was part of multiple readings that I’d be a Yaya in Palo.

I’ve always had the Demons to lean on for support. They have never refused me help or attention. But now, it’s just a different hierarchy I’m working with, and it feels MUCH better for me. I was kind of overwhelmed by the Goetia. And I hate all of that “ceremonial magick” bullshit that goes along with it. But my apprentice eased me into it. It’s funny that the teacher is learning a lot from the student. And she gave me some more Palo books, which is interesting, because she doesn’t really know much about it!

Working with the Demons brings a certain familiarity and comfort back into my life, though the way that I work with them differs a lot. I go by instinct, not the way the books will tell you to. I just make sacred space, a circle with Goetic enns, using my special tracing sigil and the correct gestures, and sit there and they come talk to me. I talk to Paimon a lot. My patron will speak to Paimon and I’ll get a message. I don’t know why Leviathan does that. Take heed, I’m not exactly a soft polytheist. I’ll leave it at that.

To those who want to laugh at me, have fun, because I’m laughing at you. Spirituality is not linear. People change throughout their lives. They don’t have to constantly do the same fucking thing.




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  1. Your certain,y right there spirituality is linear. In fact I’m doing a timeline in my new workbook and diary for 2017. Mine is far more full of different religions and spirituality than anything else. Lol
    We all change as we grow older. If people stay the same? Then IMHO they have become stagnant. Good on you for taking a stand. I see nothing wrong with Demonolatry either if that’s what resonates with you the most apart from Palo.
    I’m totally getting into Haitian Voudou at present & I am nowhere near Haiti. I think it’s normal to try and look into other belief systems as I’ve been doing it all my life. I still love all Aleister Crowley stuff even the most weirdest of writings. More on Thelema later as my battery is nearly flat.
    I read this blog awhile ago via email but forgot to make a comment so thought I would now.
    Point is we all change, we all grow in life and those who don’t are just plain not using their brains enough. Lol
    BB, Caz.⭐❤🌙🐬xo


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